In Battlevoid Harbinger we currently has 2 game modes

Normal Edit

Normal game modes are the typical gamemode of Battlevoid Harbinger. The normal gamemode has 4 Levels,as three of the levels is a random species that chosen from Trollgars, Schilae, Wanderer, Or Celestial, The Final Level is the unknown race, which is very powerful and if outnumbered you probably gonna die,except if you has a OP ship(Armada, Harbinger, Valiant, Or Trademark). If you has beaten the final boss(A.K.A. 4 battlestation), You will reach the end of the game and the credit

Endless Edit

Endless game mode are the advanced gamemode of Battlevoid Harbinger, It's pretty much the same as a normal gamemode,but with the exception as displayed by it's name, it doesn't end at the final boss,instead it will loop itself to three random races level and one unknown race level, Which your progress will not restarted but continued across the game.